Bonnievale Tuiswinkel

Variety of unique products that ranges from jams and preserves to beautiful, practical and high quality items and clothing.

Why Choose Us?

Attention to detail is our motto  - we use local, high quality ingredients and materials where possible. We are practical and creative with a touch of flair.  We keep an close eye on our costs to ensure that you get the best value for your money!  We are a small team that would walk the extra mile for our customers.  We are passionate about our products and can't wait to share it with you.

About Us

Elmarie and Sasha


Elmarie and Sasha  - a Dynamic duo.  Both residents of the picturesque farming town of Bonnievale.  Their "can do attitude" has always been the talk of the town, making them the 'go to persons' if you need anything.  From practical items like make-up bags and clothing, to Jams and Preserves - all made with love and high quality ingredients and materials


Bonnievale - Western- Cape


Bonnievale Peet se Plek